Loon & Raindrop
Loon & Raindrop 4
Bear Bowl Repeating
Raven Bowl Repeating
Tribal Salmon & Octopus Repeating
Ling Bowl
Ling Bowl
trailer of bowls
ling bowl
Raven & Shamrock
Royal Salmon & Octopus
Alaska Wildlife Bowl
ravens and fireweed
Raven & Fireweed
devine large
koi and lotus
Alaska Wild
Dueling Dragons
Aloha Bowl
Aloha Bowl
Aloha Bowl
Aloha Bowl
Aloha Bowl
Lotus & Grayling
Lotus & Grayling
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Wild Mustang
Washington Bowl
Alaska Costal Bowl
Dragon Lotus
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Raven Bowl
Dragon & Lotus
T-200 bowl, frozen river bowl and royal salmon bowl
Captain Salmon
Royal Salmon & Lotus
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Dragonfly & lotus
Alaska Hiker Bowl
Mountain Ash & Waxwings
Dueling Dragons
Dueling Dragons
Alaskan ocean bowl
Alaska Wildlife
Alaska Wildlife Bowl
Alaska Wildlife Bowl
Wild Mustang - Gas
Royal Humpback
Salmon Stream
Salmon Stream
Tsunami Wave
Fern Bowl
Alaska Wildlife Bowl - Gas
Age of Dragons
Alaska Wildlife Bowl


You have two choices in Size:

37" diameter (Small)

40"diameter (Large)


You have a choice of application: Wood Fired or Gas Fired


We have a few go-to designs that are less expensive than most custom designs because they take less time to draw and less time to cut. 

For all other designs, you can give the artist examples of things you would like to see on a bowl and she can come up with a cohesive pattern that will flow well on the firebowl.


if you see a firebowl we have built in the past that you like we can build a similar one but please keep in mind that all firebowls are unique and that no two are the same. Designs can be similar but can not be replicated.


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These Fire Bowls are made from the finest quality metal. They are made from a Cold-Formed-Spun process which renders a long lasting and durable product that will stand the test of heat, moisture and time.


Each bowl is hand drawn, cut, signed and dated with a unique serial number.

They range in price between 1,400.00 and 4,000.00 depending on the different options. Please keep in mind that they are made to order and they take time to build. orders can range anywhere from 1 week to 6 months depending on other projects and the weather, so if you are thinking of needing one for a specific date, please do not wait to contact us. 

Before placing your order you will need to know what Size, Design, and Application you may want or need.

*Because we work outdoors to complete our fire bowls, orders placed after October 1st may not be completed until Spring due to in-climate conditions.*

We also recommend placing your order well in advance of your anticipated date since we get several orders at a time. 


Custom orders are welcome, but the artist reserves the right to decline certain things such as: Religious themes, Logos, Controversial themes, Names, lettering,  etc...

feel free to ask for unique designs and options.