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BAFCO Started about 20 years ago when a friend asked Jody if he could build a metal fish for his fish camp. Jody recruited his daughter Bayley in helping with the project which took a couple days. When they were done they had made a 6 foot wide mild steel king salmon. The friend came to pick up his fish sign and excalimed "That's one BIG ASS FISH!" Since that day, the father daughter team have been building metal sculptures together. While Bayley was in High school she completed serveral class projects using metal and has found it not only to be a great past time, but also a rewarding and fulfilling career.


"There are several challenges that face us as a small business, being only two, but one day I hope to open a shop with several people who are passionate about art, giving back to the community, and making lasting impressions on the world. Thank you Dad for being such a huge important part in my life." -Bayley








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