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Thanks for thinking of us here at BAFCO! 

As a small business, we cannot afford to donate large items for non profit organizations, but we can do what is called the BAAC (BAFCO ARTIST AUCTION CONTRACT) we have been working with non profits for 10 years now (Seward Sea Life Center, Grace Christian School, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Covenant House, and Catholic Social Services to name a few) all contact us annually for a BAAC on a Fire bowl or two and/or a metal sculpture.

What the BAAC does is quality control. If you were an artist who relied on your craft for income, and someone approached you for a donation, would you be willing to give away your BEST pieces? In most cases these days auctions consist of items that the artist can part with at no cost because they are not the best. So because we want you to make LOTS of money for your cause, and we also want to be able to continue as a growing business we want to offer you our BEST, and we want people recognize that the piece you are offering is worth more so they are willing to pay more money for that piece.

Rather then them seeing the same old stuff at a charity event we would like to offer ORIGINAL pieces, something no one else can get anywhere besides at your event if they love it, they better bid on it!

Here is an example:  Habitat for Humanity bought 2 of our fire bowls  for their auction because they knew they would do well and why not have two? After all there is no risk. One of the bowls they purchased sold for 6,000.00 and the other went for 5,400.00, which means they made a total profit of $8500.00 for two items!


I know that we have not been able to work together yet, so I just want to make sure that no one is confused by this contract (it happens a lot) to clarify; There is no risk of the (NAME OF FUNDRAISER HERE) losing any money. You can ONLY make money if it is done correctly. And to do that all the Auctioneer needs to do is start the bidding at our base price which for this example is $1600.00 if no one wants to start bidding on the item then we will gladly take it back at no expense to you (no harm no foul) to be clear, in the years we have been doing this, there has never been an item we have had to take back, most of all have made at least 1,000 over the original base price of the item. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have 

If you do want to proceed please let me know you would like to reserve a fire bowl or original stainless steel wall mural ASAP so we can make sure there will be one available for your auction.




Custom Firebowl Being Auctioned

Grace Christian School
Grace Christian School
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Great Auctioneer!


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