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A mixture of random and repeating design, this bowl features various Sea life - you can request up to 3 types of ocean life to feature. 

Ocean Bowl


Since the metal we use is a form of mild steel it will rust if left unattended. We treat our firebowls like a cast iron pan to keep it's dark and even appearance. If you notice your bowl looking a tid bit drab you can heat it using a propane tourch (Wood Fired Bowl ) or by simply turning on your (Natural Gas Fired Bowl).

make sure to clean out and rinse all ashes after every fire (ashes will accelerate deterioration of the metal.

 - after heating your bowl apply a thin coat of boiled inseed oil to all surfaces inside and out (please observe all warnings and usage instructuions, PPE and caution must be used with this product) 

Let your bowl sit inside a garage or warm dry wind & debris free space (especially in winter) for 2- 3 days to cure.

this may be done every few fires to keep overall maintinence down or 1-2 times a year. 

While you can certainly maintain the appearance of your bowl on your own, DIY we recommed purchasing a FIRE BOWL TUNE UP from us. if you are in or near Anchorage, Which includes high heat paint for the legs & a polished finish.

While no maintinence is required for the life time of your BAFCO firebowl, there are some extenuating circumstances which can deteriorate the cold formed highly durable surface.

* Leaving Wet Ashes Inside your bowl after use - causes pitting over time

* Using any chemically treated quick burn logs - causes great damage & pitting

* Using Flame Color Changing Packets - contains metals and chemicals that can build up and damage the metal. 

* Buring plastic

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