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Need a Stylish, Portable, and truly Functional Firepit for those cool Alaskan outings? 

this firepit is 49 pounds and separates into 4 pieces that lay flat - perfect for toting along on camping trips in the popup, in bush planes, boats, fourwheelers, etc!  Heavy duty enough to handle harsh conditions and loads of fire wood. 

Puzzle Pit


Buy purchasing any of our products you have agreed to the following terms:

Abide by all rules and regulations for your area and weather conditions regarding recreational fires. 

fires will be attended at all times, do not burn on windy days or in dry conditions. have a fire extinguisher and knowledege to use one on hand while using this product. 

Do not overload firepit so that buring logs fall out

Do not use during burn bans

Do not use any quickstart logs or burn any products in the firepit besides wood, if you do, you may damage the itegrity of the puzzle pit.  

Make sure all pieces are cooled completey before assebling or disassembing. Make sure all parts fit securely before use. 

**Dispose of coals and ash appropriately by wetting thoroughly and placing away from flammable debris ** 

BAFCO is not responsible for any accidents or incidents occurring in or around this product. Sole resposibily lies with the party who has decided to use this product for a fire. 

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