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Gas Options

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These Burners are included in the price when you select the Natural Gas Setup option in your order. they come with the plumbing inside the bowl,  a sleek key style shutoff valve and 25 feet of LPG flexible hose to connect.


we've tried our best to provide a media that is cost effective that we could include with our gas setup but there are so many options now! you can have fire stones, fire glass, ceramic logs, and coming soon... custom fire elements such as skulls and octopus tentacles! 
for now we will include links for you to purchase the media that suits you best. once you've found the media you like we can recommend the amount to get for the size bowl you've chosen. 

Turquoise Fire Glass
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Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.09.28

Warming Trends Cross Fire Burners:
We've made the switch to these engineered burners for reliability, safety, efficiency and consistency. they may be more expensive up front but they are 50% more efficient which will save $ $$ in the future.

Fire Bowls

We are not currently taking orders on Firebowls, please sign up to get on our waitlist:

Size Firebowl you'd like:
Wood Fired bowl or Gas?
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